A Sentara site president never thought she’d have such a personal way of teaching people about 3D mammograms and the Sentara Cancer Network.

Determined Deb spreads the word

As president of Sentara CarePlex Hospital in Hampton, Debra Flores was well aware of 3D breast tomosynthesis and the Sentara Cancer Network, a team of physicians, surgeons, social workers, nutritionists and others who serve cancer patients.

In 2013 after having a 3D mammogram and learning that she had breast cancer, Debra bravely turned her knowledge and firsthand experience into a campaign to support the Sentara Cancer Network.

“My good friend, Phyllis, died of breast cancer at a young age,” Debra shares. “At that time, there wasn’t a comprehensive service or program available to help like there is now. I always promised her that I would tell her story. I didn’t know I would do it in such a personal way.”

Debra believes her own breast cancer would not have been caught without the 3D mammogram technology offered at Sentara Breast Centers. She shares her story and reminds us all how we can help in this video. 


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