A hip replacement leads a young grandmother back to her favorite people and her favorite place.

From hip pain to happiness

For years, Elnita had purchased a season’s pass to Busch Gardens, but as time went by, she wasn’t able to use it: Walking around the amusement park was too painful.

The 52-year-old couldn’t tell exactly where the problem originated, wondering if it was her back or thighs. Her doctor checked with X-rays and MRIs and found that Elnita needed a new hip.

“”The surgeon then used an anterior approach (known as a JIFFY hip) where I had the problem on the left side,” Elnita shared. “I have only a small scar, and I was walking the next day.”

She found the staff at Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center attentive and supportive during her short stay.

The final steps

Physical therapists and nurses come to Elnita’s house to assist her with her recovery. As they worked with Elnita, she was amazed.

“I had some discomfort,” she said, “but never any pain at all.”

Elnita can now easily get around the grocery store, which used to be a challenge, and, even better, Busch Gardens.

“I can enjoy going with my grandchildren again!,” she said.


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