Mission: Health Program is Like Having a Nurse in Your Back Pocket

Employee stepping to better health

Jay Vergara is a 20 plus-year veteran of Sentara Healthcare. He’s a nurse by trade, but has primarily focused on project management. He’s worked as a quality management consultant for Sentara Senior Services and now works as a patient safety/accreditation coordinator at Sentara Leigh Hospital. Obviously, he knows a thing or two about healthcare.

Yet Jay hasn’t always done a good job of managing his own health, specifically his Type 2 diabetes. After a visit in 2011 with his primary care doctor, revealed that Jay’s blood sugars were through the roof and his weight and his blood pressure were too high, Jay put his project management skills to work on himself.

Jay enrolled in the Mission: Health disease management program. He has relied on Chris Pearce, a health coach. 

Teaming up 

“Working with Chris is like having a nurse in your back pocket,” comments Vergara. “I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to get these benefits.”

Through the program, Jay receives a discount on his health benefits, a “Benny” card to use for out-of-pocket medical expenses, and he gets to consult with Chris.

“Jay has done an outstanding job over the past two and a half years improving his health,” Chris comments. “He set some lofty goals, but has stayed focused on them until he improved his numbers. He took charge then and remains in charge today. I’m proud of him.”

After two years, a new job, and a third baby on the way, Jay is a healthy 200 pounds. He exercises daily on his treadmill and controls his eating habits.

Jay attributes his success to personal determination and having a genuinely supportive person to speak to for advice and suggestions.


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