Subchondroplasty, a minimally invasive procedure, gave this patient the chance to move around freely once again.

Saying goodbye to knee pain

Image Kim Troche Ortho Hampton Roads Image Kim Troche Ortho Hampton Roads Image Kim Troche Ortho Hampton Roads

When Kimberly Troche fell down some steps, she had no idea that her knee pain would last for nearly a year, despite many doctors’ visits and physical therapy sessions. 

“I had to use a wheelchair,” says the 42-year-old.

Troche didn’t want to have a knee replacement, so she was thrilled when she met Dr. Sam Robinson, an orthopedic surgeon with Sentara Leigh Hospital.

Robinson was offering a new, minimally invasive procedure to relieve knee pain caused by stress fractures. Called subchondroplasty, the procedure wasn’t yet available in Hampton Roads. Troche became the first local patient when Robinson performed the procedure on her at Sentara Leigh Hospital in 2014.

With subchondroplasty, a surgeon cleans the joint and injects a bone substitute made of calcium phosphate. The calcium phosphate sets in 10 minutes and mimics the strength of bone. Over time, natural bone grows in its place. The procedure preserves the patient’s joint and offers significant pain relief. The benefits can last for more than five years.

Two months after her procedure, Troche was pain free.

“I’m back in the gym working on my leg strength,” she shares. “My goal is to start running as an exercise.”

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