A daughter ensures that her widowed father enjoys a delicious meal daily.

Taking care of family

Image Leroy Hr Mobile Meals Image Leroy Hr Mobile Meals Image Leroy Hr Mobile Meals

Leroy had always joked that he didn’t like to cook. For years, he relied on his wife, Carole, and ate her good home cooking.

Then when Carole passed away, Leroy’s daughter became concerned when she learned that her father was mostly eating TV dinners.

“She called to tell me that I would start getting Mobile Meals the next week,” Leroy said. “She knew I was a procrastinator and might not make that call myself.”

Since then, Leroy has been enjoying healthy meals and friendly chats with the Mobile Meals volunteers daily.

“I am blessed to have had such a great love with Carole and to continue to have such a wonderful family,” Leroy said. “Thanks to Mobile Meals, I can still live independently in my home.”

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