Thanks to Mobile Meals, Leroy can still live independently in his home.

Leroy's Story

Looking back at my life I see a beautiful family. I was blessed with wonderful children and step children, and with a loving wife. Carole was the love of my life and we had such a happy marriage. I never thought that she would be gone. I never planned on what I would do without her.

After Carole passed, I did not know what to do with food. Carole had always cooked for me, so I never had to learn to cook for myself. She even told me before she passed that I should learn to cook, but I thought she would always be there with me. I tried to eat frozen TV dinners, but they are so unhealthy for you. Her daughter kept trying to get me to set up Mobile Meals, but I am a procrastinator so I never got around to it. So one day she called and told me my meals would begin coming the next day. I was so shocked, but the meals really saved me. I now know a good, healthy meal will arrive every day, which has allowed me to continue to live on my own. I also like seeing the volunteers who always have a smile on their face.

I am blessed to have had such a great love with Carole and to continue to have such a wonderful family. Thanks to Mobile Meals I can still live independently in my home. I still think about Carole all the time and I know she would be happy I am taken care of.”

- Leroy
Mobile Meals recipient

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