Thanks to a knee replacement, Nancy can make the most of every day - and night.

So much better after knee replacement

Knee pain in both legs kept Nancy awake at night and unable to climb stairs or walk well during the day.

Osteoarthritis was to blame.

She tried injections without any success. Consulting her doctor, she decided to have a knee joint replacement. She chose the Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Obici Hospital.

With a little help

Nancy was encouraged by the staff at the Sentara OrthoJoint Center, and enjoyed the way her group physical therapy made her feel like part of a family.

Afterwards, she had physical therapy at home for a week and then outpatient therapy. She was quickly walking without a cane.

“It’s going great,” Nancy said. “It’s so much better than I thought. Before, all I could do was go to work. Now I can walk any distance and do what I want.”

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