Losing his best friend convinces this man to take charge of health

A wake up call to take charge of my life

When his best friend died of a heart attack at only age 44, Sean knew it was time to stop his yoyo dieting and to find a permanent solution. He was the same age as his friend and wanted to live a long time.  

Sean turned to Sentara Healthcare and immediately found a doctor who felt like a friend. The doctor’s gentle guidance and sharing of information led Sean to undergo weightloss surgery.

“My doctor and everyone I met explained all that would happen,” Sean said. “They treated me like family.” 

Living a good life 

Sean is embracing his restored energy since his surgery, and is finally free of pain in his back, hips and knees. He is off his former medications as well.

“Things have turned around medically for me,” he said. “Now I can go all day long and feel great.”


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