William had suffered from pain for years. He finally decided on a knee replacement just as his daughter needed him to walk her down the aisle.

Ready for an important walk

Knee pain was a problem for William.

 "I injured it years ago playing football,” he explained, “and I've been putting off getting anything done."

When William finally decided to see an orthopedic surgeon, the X-ray showed that his knee was "bone on bone." 

Relieving the pain 

William chose to have knee replacement surgery at Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Obici Hospital. He had a good reason to act fast now: His daughter was getting married, and he was going to walk her down the aisle.

While he had the wedding to look forward to as a great experience, William probably hadn’t anticipated also enjoying his hospital stay.

“It was unlike any other hospital experience that I’ve seen or been through,” he noted. “The nurses and other staff made me feel at home.”

He also enjoyed group physical therapy at the hospital.

“We added more members to the family!,” he said about the time he spent with fellow ortho joint patients.

William was pain-free for the first time in decades, with his legs working well.

“I had told my daughter to not worry, that I’d make it to walk her down the aisle and to dance,” he said, “and we did!” 


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