A “professional” listener who hears what most miss.

The sounds of caring for knee replacement patient

Image Woody Poole Hr Ortho Knee Replacement Image Woody Poole Hr Ortho Knee Replacement Image Woody Poole Hr Ortho Knee Replacement

The wear and tear from 40 years of playing soccer brought Woody Poole to Sentara Leigh Hospital for a double knee replacement

His experiences as a dad, teacher and coach make him somewhat of a professional listener.

In these roles, he has honed his skills for hearing things that go unnoticed by most. That makes the account of his stay at the hospital incredibly detailed.

During his stay, Woody says he heard the sounds of caring. Some sounds were exchanges between staff outside his door, never intended for him or other patients. Other times he heard the experiences of nurses interacting with nearby, demanding patients. 

Astonishing Care 

“The standard of care I received during every single phase of my experience at Leigh was nothing short of astonishing,” says Woody. “From my perspective, dedication and professionalism are primary components of any successful provider and should be expected. What I found that led me to say ‘astonishing’ was how every single person, regardless of his or her role, seemed to be inexplicably driven to make me feel like a special individual, and not a bed number.”

Caregivers showed they cared for one another while they were caring for patients. Woody saw staff sharing their personalities in ways that took the sterile atmosphere out of the hospital setting.  A sense of humor by staff members in orthopedics, the recovery unit, rehabilitation, and many other areas of the hospital provided a welcomed distraction from the discomfort of Woody’s joint replacements.

Woody gives special thanks to Pre-Op Holding Unit, Operating Room, Recovery Room, Progressive Care Unit, Orthopedic Unit, Physical Therapy, Food Services, and all of the other staff at Sentara Leigh Hospital, as well as to Dr. Dowd and his partners, Dr. Blais and the hospitalists, and to Dr. Gould.

“They all had personalities, great personalities,” he says. “To different degrees, they all had a sense of humor which is sorely needed. What I heard from my bedside at Sentara Leigh were relevant, important conversations about individual patient care or the kind of pleasantries you’d expect to find in an organization where the individuals feel significant, needed and more important, respected.”

The Sentara credo to create an atmosphere of healing by making commitments to each other and patients is taking hold. Sentara Commitments such as Always Treat You with Dignity and Respect and Always Listen and Respond to You are creating a culture at Sentara that patients are feeling.

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