Emergency Services at Sentara BelleHarbour

Phone: 757-983-0040757-983-0040

Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

If you think you are experiencing signs of a heart attack or stroke, call 911.

The board-certified emergency physicians, along with the quality nurses and staff at Sentara BelleHarbour are proud to deliver expert emergency care to residents of North Suffolk and the tri-city area, whether they are walk-in patients or have arrived by ambulance.

If your needs require a more intense level of care, our skilled staff will provide stabilizing treatment and transfer you to the nearest appropriate hospital. Our campus is also supported by the Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance. Nightingale has transported thousands of critically ill patients to the helping hands of trained medical professionals all over Virginia.

Emergency Room Highlights

  • 17 private emergency beds including a special room for orthopedics patients and three critical care patient rooms.
  • Emergency nurses are all specially trained in pediatrics so they can provide the right care at the right time for our younger patients
  • Our Observational Medicine rooms provide a comfortable setting for those patients requiring additional observation and evaluation before determining whether they will require further treatment as an inpatient or can be discharged.

The emergency department at Sentara BelleHarbour is an extension of Sentara Obici Hospital and operates under the same license.

Learn more about emergency services at Sentara.