Outpatient Pharmacy

Sentara CarePlex Outpatient Pharmacy
3000 Coliseum Drive
Hampton, VA 23666
Phone: 757-736-1200757-736-1200
Fax: 757-736-1250

Open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., closed on weekends and major holidays

Fill prescriptions efficiently and conveniently through a Sentara outpatient hospital pharmacy.

An outpatient hospital pharmacy can fill prescriptions written for clinic and hospital discharge patients, as well as prescriptions for employees and their immediate families. Prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy by phone, voicemail or direct drop-off.

The Sentara computer network is linked through the Sentara eCare Health Network®. Electronic medical records enable better collaboration and communication between physicians, resulting in an even higher quality care for patients. Safeguards built into the system enhance patient safety by preventing errors and detecting potential drug interactions.


  • Free delivery for Sentara employees at select sites
  • 90-day prescriptions, for only two copayments, for Sentara Optima Health plan employees
  • Specialty medications
  • Prescription compounding on select medications
  • Special medical equipment (hip kits, breast pumps) at select sites
  • Over-the-counter drugs available (herbals, specialty meds for gastric bypass surgery)
  • Pharmacist consultation

Because of the nonprofit status, Sentara outpatient hospital pharmacies only service:

  • Patients receiving care at Sentara
  • Patients attending Sentara clinics
  • Sentara staff, including volunteers