Sentara OrthoJoint Center®

Sentara OrthoJoint Center® is a dedicated center for you to recover following your hip or knee joint replacement surgery. You’ll be growing stronger every day along with other joint replacement surgery patients for group therapy sessions, meals, educational classes and opportunities for your coach to find support from other coaches. The orthopedic experienced staff is well prepared to meet your needs and provide you with an exciting new way to get you back on your feet and back to the activities you enjoy.

At Sentara Obici Hospital, all our Sentara OrthoJoint Center nurses have completed orthopedic specialty training and passed national certification examinations to be Orthopedic Certified Nurses.  Watch the video below to see why this is important for you and your orthopedic care.

Our growing Sentara OrthoJoint Center Volunteer program brings personal experience and individualized attention to patients undergoing joint replacement surgery and recovery.

For more information on the Sentara OrthoJoint Center or the physicians who practice here, call our nurse at 1-855-2ORTHOJT 855-267-8465855-267-8465.