Our Experts

The quality vascular and transplant surgeons of Sentara Vascular Specialists offer comprehensive vascular and transplant services for all disorders involving the circulatory system, peripheral arteries and veins. In-office non-invasive vascular testing is available, and our vascular surgeons provide the most advanced techniques in diagnostic angiography, vascular surgery, endovascular interventions, vascular access for chemotherapy and kidney dialysis, and the removal of varicose veins. We also have the Sentara Renal Transplant Unit, enabling our physicians to better meet the needs of renal failure patients with our active transplantation services.

By choosing a vascular or transplant surgeon within Sentara Medical Group, you have seamless access to specialists and other healthcare services available throughout the Sentara network of care. Our vascular and transplant surgeons collaborate with other specialists to provide patients with state-of-the-art technology and minimally invasive and hybrid surgical techniques that allow for more outpatient procedures and shorter recovery periods.

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