Inpatient Rehabilitation

Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital offers an extension of its quality care with an eight-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit.

The unit was the city's first inpatient rehabilitation facility, giving patients specially trained physicians and staff to provide them with 24-hour care and concentrated therapy to continue their recovery.

A board-certified physiatrist serves as medical director of the inpatient rehabilitation unit and leads the specialized team. Designed to replicate environments and situations likely encountered at home, the unit is equipped with a kitchen and bathroom to help patients relearn a variety of skills.

Research shows providing realistic settings for retraining has proven most effective in increasing patient’s functional skill. Exceeding national benchmarks, Sentara returns a full 83 percent of its rehabilitation inpatients to the community with improved function compared to the national average of 78 percent.

ve learned in real life settings. Not limited to the rehabilitation unit, patients are loaded onto buses escorted by physical therapists and nurses, destined for movies, grocery stores and bowling alleys where they can practice some skills they will need before returning home.

The inpatient rehabilitation unit at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital cares for patients recovering from trauma, stroke, spinal injuries, burns, amputations, hip fractures, neurological disorders and other conditions that have impaired independence. Services include rehabilitation medicine and nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, social services, recreational therapy, support groups, and patient and family education.

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