Why Participate in Clinical Research?

Several trials may take place over a period of time until a new drug or device is approved and becomes available to our patients. New treatments and medications developed by researchers are carefully tested; safety for each and every research participate is our primary concern and is guided by strict U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

Patients who qualify for a clinical trial decide whether to participate with the advice of their physician. How a treatment will work for a patient in a trial cannot be known ahead of time. Therefore, qualified patients should understand both the risks and benefits of clinical trials before making their decisions.

Patients will never be placed on a clinical trial without their knowledge or permission. All qualified patients involved in clinical trials will sign consent forms before the study begins. Before a new treatment is administered to patients, it is carefully studied for several years in the laboratory and tested for safety. This research points out the new methods most likely to succeed and, as much as possible, shows how to use them safely and effectively.

  • Benefits of Patient Participation
    • Access to the most innovative treatment options available
    • The opportunity to contribute to the development of medical treatments for you and others like you
    • Further understanding your disease; how best to treat and minimize any problems from it to you and/or your family
    • Additional medication and beneficial medical tests may be provided
  • Why Sentara Participates
    • To enable patients and medical staff to gain firsthand knowledge of promising new drugs and devices
    • To stay at the forefront of knowledge in our profession and specialties in order to provide the best and cutting-edge treatment for our patients