Clinical Trials and Research

Sentara Cancer Research Program

Every day, there are new advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Step by step, physicians and clinical researchers continue to search for the answers to unlock ways to halt this disease. The Sentara Cancer Network continues to expand its research capabilities in conjunction with medical school partners in order to change the future of cancer.

For today’s patients, physicians in the Sentara network can provide access to numerous clinical trials, both local and national. Promising clinical trials are being conducted all over the country for patients with cancer, and some of these are being conducted within the Sentara Cancer Network. Some people think that clinical research is intended as a last resort, but many of these trials are looking at promising new first-line treatments. In addition, many studies are not focused on increased treatments, but adjustments in treatments and options for less invasive options. Please do not hesitate to talk with your physician about participation in appropriate clinical trials. You have a right to know what trials are available.

In addition to clinical trials that are administered as part of cancer treatment for patients now, the Sentara Cancer Network also participates in research that could lead to more and better options for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the future. Examples of other research include finding ways to improve quality of life for our patients, comparing common characteristics for a specific type of cancer, and improving processes and technology.

Molecular Testing Laboratory

The Sentara Cancer Network includes advanced laboratory resources and highly specialized pathologists to conduct molecular testing to aid in cancer research as well as diagnosis and treatment.