Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute

The Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute was established in 2005 to advance the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease, which is the nation’s number-one killer. Uniquely qualified registered nurse research coordinators and cardiologists collaborate with local institutions, government agencies and biomedical companies to perform clinical research trials. Ultimately, the work of the SCRI enables clinicians to improve clinical care delivery, patient outcomes and the overall health of our community.

Our services cover all types of cardiovascular research such as medical devices, heart failure, electrophysiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac interventional procedures and medical management of CAD risk factors such as diabetes and lipid management, among others.

Research nurses educate and follow research participants through the entire trial process. They coordinate all aspects of the patient’s experience and advocate for them, helping them feel cared for while at their most vulnerable. Our program currently has research nurses who are highly autonomous and self- directed. Collectively, they coordinate more than 80 clinical trials.

Many of the trials we participate in are nationally and internationally recognized. They have been designed to identify new, improved treatment methods and protocols, while at the same time eliminate therapies and approaches to clinical care that are not as effective or may have been shown to be harmful.

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Sentara Heart Hospital
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Compliance Statement

At Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute, we comply with all federal regulations directing research conduct as well as with all human subject protection processes currently in place to guide clinical research trials. Each study in which we participate, meets the rigorous approval of an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB), a formal panel consisting of physicians, other health care professionals and lay people who carefully examine each study to make sure patients’ rights are protected and risks to trial participants are minimized.

The Institutional Review Boards that oversee the research efforts of Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute are Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) IRB, based in Norfolk, and Chesapeake Research Review, Inc., based in Maryland.

EVMS IRB receives administrative support from the medical schools Office of Research. Each year, the EVMS IRB reviews nearly 300 protocols. Chesapeake Research Review, Inc. is a research and ethics review business as well as a risk management partner operating in the global research arena to support human research subjects' protections. They work hand-in-hand with industry, government, academic, and non-profit partners like Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute to provide research oversight, consulting, training, and education. We appreciate the input, questions, support and guidance of the IRBs and recognize the important role they play in maximizing our research efforts.