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Sentara Heart is the only Virginia system offering the health benefits of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine. This program is proven to help you feel healthy, energetic and joyful by addressing diet, exercise, stress and emotional support.

Real Improvements in Heart Disease

More than 30 years of published scientific studies show how the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program treats heart disease. Participants who stick with the program reduce their risk of a heart attack and the need for serious interventions.

Proven health benefits include:

  • Lower risk for new or repeat cardiac events like heart attack
  • Less frequent and intense chest pain
  • Safe avoidance of surgical procedures for heart conditions
  • Fewer medications needed to manage symptoms
  • Drops in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight and fasting blood glucose levels
  • Improved blood flow and artery function
  • Ability to exercise longer and more easily

Learn more about the evidence of the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program’s success.

Feel Better Every Day

Many people report feeling better just days after starting. They are pleasantly surprised by how easily they can resume the activities they love.

The more people change their lifestyle, the more their health improves and the better they feel.

The benefits people most quickly experience include:

  • Moving around more easily
  • Tolerating exercise for longer periods
  • Feeling calmer by using the stress reduction techniques
  • Preparing new, delicious recipes and sharing them with family and friends

Learn more about how to start in Ornish Lifestyle Medicine.

Prevent Other Health Problems

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine benefits your health even if heart disease runs in your family. Research shows following the program can change more than 500 of your genes to promote wellness.

These genetic changes can:

  • Turn on disease-preventing genes
  • Turn off genes for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and common cancers

Contact Us

To start, call the Ornish Care Specialists at 1-877-888-3091. They have specialized training to address any questions you have about the program.

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