Why Choose Sentara

With six  locations in the Hampton Roads, Sentara OrthoJoint Centers offer an exciting new way to get back on your feet – and back to the activities you enjoy. Take a closer look at the proven quality methods in our joint replacement program that offer you a quicker recovery:

  • Questions are answered through workshops, a patient guidebook, and more. Plus, your Orthopedic Patient Navigator keeps you informed and on track.
  • The latest surgical techniques for joint replacement are used, including the direct anterior approach hip replacement also known as the JIFFY HIP.*
  • You choose a friend or family member to be your “coach,” and you are encouraged to wear your own comfortable clothes throughout recovery.
  • Therapy “progress boards” track how far you walk each day and provide motivation while promoting camaraderie and friendly competition.
  • Group lunches and therapy sessions are all opportunities to bond and share information– family members welcome.

*JIFFY HIP is a registered trademark of Mizuho Orthopedic Systems, Inc.