Patient Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to have my specimen collected?

For a vast majority of testing, appointments are not required, except for the tests listed below marked with a * symbol. Please bring the following two items for specimen collection:

  1. Current photo identification and insurance information
  2. Test order provided by your physician (unless your physician sent the order to Sentara electronically).

* Patients needing specimen collection for platelet aggregation testing will need to schedule an appointment with Central Scheduling at 757-388-2030.

* Patients with orders for 2, 3 and/or 5-hour glucose tolerance testing and lactose tolerance testing will need to schedule an appointment with Central Scheduling. For South Hampton Roads appointments, contact 757-388-2030 and to schedule an appointment on the Peninsula and Western Tidewater, please call 757-736-7496.

I am supposed to have surgery at SVBGH, can I get my pre-op testing done at any of your locations?

Yes.  Specimens for pre-op testing may be collected at any Sentara hospital-based drawsites.  Prior to any pre-op testing, patients are encouraged to check with their insurance carrier regarding laboratory testing coverage.

Can I order tests without a doctor’s order?

Yes.  Sentara offers Sentara SelfTest, a service where patients may order a number of tests without a doctor’s order.  For more information, please visit the Sentara SelfTest website at

What insurances do you accept?

Sentara Laboratory Services accepts a wide variety of insurance products.  If you have a question concerning a specific insurance company or policy, please contact Sentara Laboratory Client Services at 757-388-3621 or your insurance company.

Do I need to make an appointment to have a specimen collected?

Appointments are not required. However, most of our locations are busiest in the early morning when patients who are required to fast for testing often choose to arrive. We recommend you bring two items for specimen collection:

  • Current photo identification
  • Test order provided by your physician

Do I need to fast or take other special precautions prior to specimen collection?

Some laboratory testing does require fasting or other special precautions prior to specimen collection.  Typically, your physician will review this information with you.  Failure to comply with fasting or other precautions could affect accuracy of testing.