About Mammography: Mobile Mammography

Image Mammography Hr Mobile Mammo Van Image Mammography Hr Mobile Mammo Van Image Mammography Hr Mobile Mammo Van

The Sentara digital mobile mammography van makes mammogram appointments fast and convenient for women in the Hampton Roads area.

By offering women the option of a mobile unit coming to their employer or other locations near their home, women can more easily set aside the time for this important screening tool.


  • 38-foot fully equipped mobile mammography van.
  • Hotel-like interior and two private dressing rooms
  • Central air/heating system with back-up AC unit 
  • Platform step for safer patient entry

Make an appointment:

To schedule your appointment on the mobile mammography van, please call 757-261-5420757-261-5420 and select Option 1.

If any of the following apply to you, please make a mammography appointment at a facility near you (rather than the van):

  • A serious breast problem such as a lump, thickening, bloody discharge from the nipple, recent inverted nipple, "orange peel" texture to the skin, redness or discoloration of the breast or any other recent changes that are not normal for the patient. 
  • No imaging will be performed on anyone under the age of 35. 
  • Women with a personal history of breast cancer
  • First mammogram after having breast biopsy/surgery or reconstruction
  • Follow-up mammogram less than 12 months from their most recent normal mammogram. 

The mobile mammography van represents a $652,000 investment in Hampton Roads' women’s health. The auxiliaries at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Sentara Leigh Hospital, and Sentara CarePlex Hospital contributed to the purchase of the van. At no cost to businesses, the van visits employers across Hampton Roads at numerous locations.

Host the Mobile Mammography Van:

To schedule the mobile mammography van for a specific location, please call 757-261-6914757-261-6914.