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What is a stroke?
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At Sentara, our specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating a comprehensive list of neurological conditions. From common problems like traumatic head injuries and epilepsy, to highly complex brain cancers, our doctors develop a treatment plan that best suits your individual needs.

Through our network of hospitals and specialty centers, we provide the most comprehensive and advanced care available through the following methods:

Expertise: Our doctors have unique expertise in neurological conditions, providing patients with the most advanced care possible.

Collaboration: At Sentara, we take a unique team approach to care. Neurologists work side-by-side with world-class doctors, specialists, neuropsychologists, surgeons, nutritionists and physical therapists. Patients are able to see more than one specialist in one visit.

Highly Specialized Care: Our nationally recognized specialty centers offer quality, cutting-edge clinical care with advanced monitoring technology, surgical capabilities, and on-site specialists for epilepsy, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. We also have a center dedicated to using music as a treatment for a range of symptoms related to brain disease and damage. Learn more about our specialty centers.

High-Tech Facilities: The Sentara Neurosciences Institute offers dedicated neurology operating suites, a neurosciences ICU and a comprehensive neurology unit.

Research: Our leading-edge research, clinical trials, and patient-centered outcomes and measure distinguish us from other clinics and private practices. We are committed to improving the lives of patients and working toward breakthrough discoveries. Our doctors collaborate with Eastern Virginia Medical School and other specialists in diseases of the brain and spine.