At the Sentara Neuro-Oncology Center, we offer comprehensive treatment using new and conventional therapies for the best possible outcomes.

  • Brain Tumors: 3 Main Treatment Paths

    Our goal is to treat the brain tumor without damaging the healthy parts of your brain. Today’s neurosurgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are more effective and less invasive than ever. Depending on your individual condition, you may need one or more of the following treatments:

    • Surgery is often our first step. Our neurosurgeons can often remove all or most of the brain tumor, depending on its type and location.
    • Radiation therapy uses radiation to destroy cancer cells left behind after surgery. We also use radiation to attack tumors that we cannot reach with surgery.
    • Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs to kill or damage cancer cells. We use it by itself or in combination with radiation therapy or surgery.

    Learn more about our treatment options for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

  • Advanced Treatment for Brain Tumors

    New technology, new drugs and a greater understanding of how tumors work give us an edge when it comes to treating brain tumors. Some of the innovative treatments we use include:

    • Endoscopic neurosurgery allows us to operate on tumors using very fine instruments that can travel along natural pathways through the brain to the tumors.
    • Stereotactic radiosurgery targets tumors through beams of radiation with pinpoint accuracy. This means we can reach tumors that are considered inoperable.
    • Brain mapping and navigation technologies allow us to monitor brain function in real time and access a tumor without damaging critical brain tissues.
    • Optune® is a device that sends electrical pulses to the brain to disrupt tumor cells and prevent them from multiplying.
    • Immunotherapy is a type of chemotherapy that uses the patient’s own immune system to fight the tumor cells.
    • Gene therapy uses genetic material to alter the genetic character of tumor cells and make them more responsive to chemotherapy.
  • Access to Ongoing Clinical Trials

    We participate in several clinic trials to provide access to the newest drugs, latest strategies and most innovative approaches for treating brain tumors. Your physician may recommend a clinical trial as part of your individualized care plan.

  • Advanced Diagnostic Technology for Brain Tumors

    Before our brain tumor specialists plan your treatment, they work with our skilled diagnostic physicians to establish an accurate diagnosis. Find out more about screening and diagnosis for brain tumors at the Sentara Neuro-Oncology Center.