For many people who have brain tumors, surgery may be the best treatment option. Our neurosurgeons are leaders in minimally invasive brain surgery. You can count on us for the most up-to-date and safest surgical practices.

  • Surgery

    Whenever possible, our neurosurgeons use minimally invasive procedures. Minimally invasive surgery means we make only small incisions to enter your brain and use computer-guided instruments to get to the tumor. These techniques mean fewer complications and a faster recovery for you.

    Our advanced surgical techniques and technologies include:

    • Endoscopic brain surgery: We insert an endoscope (a thin, fiber-optic instrument) into your brain. We can remove tumors, take biopsies and drain fluids with this instrument.
    • NeuroBlate® laser system: We use this MRI-guided robotic system to ablate (burn) tumor tissue.
    • NICO BrainPath®: We can guide our instruments through the folds of your brain with minimum damage. This technology lets us access tumors that used to be considered inoperable.
    • Interoperative/Awake brain mapping: We perform this procedure to evaluate and map your brain functions while you are awake. These maps help us avoid injury to your critical brain functions during surgery.
    • Interoperative imaging: We use interoperative MRI and CT scans to confirm that the brain tumor has been removed. This technique leads to better long-term results and ensures that we have removed all the brain tumor tissue.
    • Fluorescent microscopy: We use a fluorescent dye to outline the contours of certain malignant tumors to make sure that we remove as much of the tumor as we can.
  • The 6-Pillar Approach: Advanced Technology for Brain Tumors

    The 6-pillar approach is the ultimate combination of existing and advanced technologies to remove brain tumors safely and effectively. Our skilled neurosurgeons use the following process:

    • We first use functional MRI (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to map your brain. With these precise maps, we can clearly identify critical areas of your brain and prevent injury to these areas.
    • We then use navigation software to guide our specialized instruments to the tumor in real time.
    • We pass our instruments safely through the folds of your brain to the tumor using the NICO BrainPath® system.
    • We can see the tumor tissue clearly and differentiate it from normal brain tissue as we operate, using sophisticated optical technology.
    • With NICO Myriad®, we can remove tumor tissue more precisely and without injury to nearby areas of the brain.
    • Based on ongoing, advanced research, we incorporate the latest regenerative therapies and targeted therapies into your recovery plan.
  • Access to Ongoing Clinical Trials

    We participate in several clinic trials to provide the most innovative treatment approaches for treating brain tumors. Your physician may recommend a clinical trial as part of your care plan in order to provide you with the best approach to treating your brain tumor.

  • Radiation and Chemotherapy for Brain Tumors

    Depending on your individual condition, your best treatment option may be nonsurgical treatment for a brain tumor. Learn more about how we treat brain tumors with radiation and chemotherapy at the Sentara Neuro-Oncology Center.