Sentara Neurosurgery Specialists is a regional leader in brain, spine and nerve surgery. We offer experience with the latest intraoperative technology, advanced surgical techniques and most complex cases. We understand neurosurgery is a major life decision. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, a tumor, a traumatic injury or deformity, our goal is to develop a treatment plan tailored to you, for the best surgical outcomes possible. Plus, with the collaboration of the Sentara Cancer Network, our multidisciplinary team of specialists work closely together in delivering treatment for brain tumors and spinal tumors.

Treatment at Sentara Neurosurgery Specialists: What to Expect

Our process starts with an examination and consultation. You can expect to spend a significant amount of time with one of our highly skilled neurosurgeon. They will answer all of your questions and review your films (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans) as part of the exam, while making you an important part of the care process. You can easily access our facilities, located on the 2nd floor of Fort Norfolk Plaza in Norfolk. We offer convenient parking and a valet service.

To schedule an appointment call 757-252-9140757-252-9140 or schedule online.