Why Choose Sentara?

We understand neurosurgery is a major life decision. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, a tumor, a traumatic injury or deformity, our goal is to develop a treatment plan tailored to you, for the best surgical outcomes possible.

  • We focus on you. Our sugeons don't just talk about patient-centered care. They take time to hear your questions and create a personalized treatment plan. Our doctors provide a thorough and honest assessment of your condition. They will even tell you if you do not need surgery.
  • Expertise. Our doctors hold the highest qualifications for neurosurgery and all of our doctors are specialty trained and board certified. Most of them hold fellowship-level training normally found only at major university medical centers with years of experience.
  • Advanced techniques and technology. We are the region’s leaders in minimally invasive brain and spine surgery. We offer treatments not otherwise available in southeastern Virginia. Our practice includes the use of leading-edge technologies like Optune and intraoperative CT scanners.
  • Team approach. Our surgeons operate as part of a larger team that may include neuroradiologists, oncologists, nutritionists and occupational therapists. Your team will include all of the experts you need to help you get well.
  • Research. We constantly pursue opportunities to participate in clinical research to benefit our patients. Our neurosurgeons have decades of research experience and have published papers on various aspects of neurosurgery.