Prostate Cancer

Awards and Accolades

The Sentara Cancer Network is the first system in Virginia to be accredited as a Network Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. Sentara earned this certification with its proven track record of quality, advanced care. Medical advances help physicians and specialists better understand cancer, to detect it earlier and to treat the disease more effectively. The Sentara Cancer Network has been at the forefront of making these cancer advances available in Hampton Roads.

Quality Data

When patients access Sentara for prostate care, they are tapping into a comprehensive cancer network with specialized expertise. Each individual patient is presented with guidance on the treatment that is best matched with his age, lifestyle and overall health conditions. The nationally accredited Sentara Cancer Network provides the most advanced cancer care in the region from diagnosis and treatment to follow-up and support.

The network includes several sub-specialty trained oncologic urologists and a multidisciplinary genitourinary cancer conference (tumor board). One of the most significant recent advances is the availability of new chemotherapy options for prostate cancer. The network contributed to the approval of these drugs through local research and collaboration.

You can read more about these topics, as well as the accompanying clinical data, in the latest Sentara Cancer Network Annual Report.