Annual Wellness Visit

Senior Preventative Health Care Services

If you are enrolled in one of the Medicare insurance plans, you have a special benefit that is free to you called the Annual Wellness Visit. The Annual Wellness Visit allows your primary care provider to identify your personal health risks early and then to work with you to prevent more serious health problems from developing in the future.

This special visit is an in-depth discussion about your past and current state of health that takes place once every 12 months. This health check-in ensures that your primary care team is informed about any changes in your health and that you have a care plan in place that will keep you healthy.

Many of our primary care providers partner with an Advanced Practice Clinician – that is a nurse practitioner or physician assistant - to provide this special visit. The Advance Practice Clinician (APC) will spend an extended amount of time with you to review your medical history, all of your medications, your current state of health and your physical functioning. During this visit, you will receive personal health education and a plan of care to address your future health needs.

The Advanced Practice Clinician in our Senior Health Services will work with your primary care provider to determine what additional services or special testing you may need to protect your health, and then coordinate those needs, whether it be special laboratory studies, X-rays, or referrals to physical therapy or balance training, or dietary counseling.  Each APC has a team of Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or medical assistants and Care Managers to provide you with individualized attention and help to meet your particular needs. They will communicate with your primary care provider on a continuing basis.

  • Why is it important?

    Like financial planning for your retirement, a wellness visit is your consultation for planning for the future of your health. It’s important for our APC and your primary care provider to understand your health today, so that they can identify and prevent potential problems in the future. They will create a personal care plan for you to navigate your health in the coming years.

  • What’s done during the Annual Wellness Visit?

    Health History

    • Review Medical History i.e. past surgeries, hospitalizations and family history
    • Review Current Medications *Please bring all current medications with you to review
    • Review Social History i.e. history of alcohol, tobacco and drug use, diet and current physical activity
    • Review Risk Factors for Depression & Mood Disorders
    • Review Functional Ability & Level of Safety i.e. hearing impairment, fall risk and home safety


    • Height & Weight
    • Blood Pressure & Body Mass Index
    • Simple Vision Test
    • Other Testing Based on Your Personal Health Risks


    • Review Results
    • Develop Written Plan for the Future
    • Referral to Specialists, If Needed
    • Health Education
  • What should I bring for my visit?
    • All medications, including over the counter, vitamins & herbs
      • *Please bring physical medication bottles/packages to your appointment
    • List of immunizations
    • List of past medical problems and surgical history
    • Your family health history
    • List of current healthcare providers and medical suppliers
    • Any at home measurements, such as blood pressure and glucose
    • Copies of any blood work or diagnostic tests
    • Copies of any preventive screenings exams
    • Copy of your advanced directive, copy of power of attorney
      • *Please bring this if you would like to discuss end-of-life planning
  • How do I schedule an Annual Wellness Visit?

    To schedule a wellness visit, either call your primary care provider's office and request an Annual Wellness Visit, or call the Sentara Medical Group Care Connection Team at 757-252-3236 and they will assist in your scheduling needs.

Need to schedule an Annual Wellness Visit? Call 757-252-3236 to schedule an appointment today!