Sleep Services

Sleep Evaluation

Determining the nature and extent of your sleep disorder may require one or several tests. Sentara sleep centers deliver state-of-the-art testing and interpretation by highly skilled physicians and technologists.

Types of Sleep Disorders Evaluations

  • Overnight sleep study
    This all-night, outpatient study involves recording various functions like heart rate, breathing, brain activity and limb movement.

  • MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)
    This test is often used to diagnose narcolepsy. Testing consists of a series of daytime naps that generally follows an overnight sleep study. The length of time it takes a patient to fall asleep can be determined. A driving simulator test may also be conducted as part of this assessment.
  • Driving Simulator Testing
    For patients with excessive daytime sleepiness, we can measure their ability to perform a computer-simulated driving test. Comparing the results to normal drivers and results from other patients helps us to determine the degree of risk the patient has when driving. The driving simulator also helps to measure the effectiveness of the various treatments for sleepiness. (Driving simulator test is available through the Sentara Fort Norfolk Sleep Center only.)

  • Insomnia evaluation
    Evaluation is conducted with board-certified sleep specialists.

What to expect during a sleep study