Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can aid in pain management and stress reduction, while improving daily functioning and overall wellness.

Massage therapy is not covered by insurance and is offered at a discounted rate for current and former patients of Sentara Therapy Center. For more information, please contact Sentara Therapy Center – Blocker at 757-252-2600757-252-2600.

Our Massage Therapists

  • Are certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health Professions and Board of Nursing Statutes and Regulations
  • Bodywork practitioners have successfully completed 250 hours of training and are fully approved by regulatory health agencies

Types of Massage

  • Swedish massage uses slow, long glides and kneading motions to help promote a meditative state and to relieve stress, fatigue and sore muscles.
  • Deep tissue massage (rehabilitative and reonstructive) employs deep pressure, friction, range of motion and stretching to help break down and reconstruct scar tissue. It especially benefits those who have been in accidents or participate in regular high-impact activities.
  • Sports massage can be used before or after high-impact exercise. Specialized techniques will help warm up the body and decrease the chance of injury during a sporting event.