Osteoporosis Program

Osteoporosis is a debilitating disease in which bones become brittle and can break. One out of every two postmenopausal women over 50 will have a bone fracture caused by osteoporosis. However, osteoporosis can affect men, women, young and old. Osteoporosis affects more than 60 percent of people 60 years and older.

The risks for having this condition and suffering the loss of activity it brings are greater than the risk for heart disease, breast cancer or stroke. The estimated number of people to have low bone mass in the United States is 48 million.

Program Services

Sentara offers a range of diagnostic and treatment services for patients concerned about osteoporosis.

  • Comprehensive evaluation of movement
  • Education about osteoporosis and its effects
  • Instruction in basic activities of daily living
  • Strengthening treatments
  • Postural retraining
  • Activities to help patients recover from or prevent future falls
  • Bracing to decrease pain from compression fractures
  • Padding to protect hips from the damage of a fall
  • Exercises to slow disease progression
  • Home analysis to correct areas likely to cause falls

Physician Follow-Up

We will send transcribed notes to referring physicians within 48 to 72 hours of the patient’s initial appointment.