Pediatric Therapy Services

Specialized individual care to meet your child’s particular needs and maximize their potential

Interdisciplinary rehabilitation services and individual therapy sessions are provided on an outpatient basis for children to improve their communication abilities, physical abilities, and level of daily function. Standardized evaluation methods and individually designed treatments are provided with a focus on family education.

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy assists children with developing balance, coordination, endurance, gait training, posture and strength for the highest level of independent mobility.

    • Balance training
    • Walking skills for pediatrics
    • Gross motor development
    • Functional mobility training
    • Strengthening/endurance
    • Coordination/ball and play skills
  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy assists children with adaptive equipment, sensory integration, developing coordination, fine motor skills, feeding, handwriting, performing activities of daily living, playing and socializing, self-care, and splinting.

    • Sensory integration
    • Fine motor/hand development
    • Adaptive equipment
    • Organizational processing
    • Feeding and Self-care
  • Pediatric Speech Pathology

    Speech therapy assists children with developing communication skills, understanding and using language, optimizing oral motor skills for eating, drinking and speaking.

    • Aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria treatment
    • Cognitive skills
    • Communication and verbal skills
    • Augmentative communication
    • Socialization/play skills
    • Speech and language assessment and treatment
    • Feeding and Swallowing