Work Rehabilitation/Work-Related Injury

As a leader in innovative health care, Sentara offers area employers the most comprehensive range of customized functional evaluations, outpatient therapy, work conditioning for return to work preparation, post-offer pre-employment screenings, which may be done in conjunction with other Occupational Health services, and work injury prevention programs. Our physical and occupational therapists, and rehabilitation experts can help employers achieve their goals of a healthy and productive workforce.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

    Functional Capacity Evaluations test an individual's maximum safe functional capabilities. This is done using the Joule work injury management testing system and software. Our evaluators receive advanced training in this system. The standardized testing methods offer objective definitions of an individual's maximum safe function in the areas of material handling, sustained static posture tolerance, repetitive activity tolerance, and specific upper extremity tolerances. The testing system allows for an ideal blend of standardization with the ability to customize select testing procedures to best match individual circumstances. Of special note is the comparison of individual capabilities vs job demands for each area tested as well as recommendations to enhance an individual's functional abilities when appropriate. This allows the evaluators and clients to work together as a team creating a positive testing atmosphere.

  • Return-To-Work Program Of Work Conditioning

    Individualized programs incorporate aerobic conditioning, endurance, strengthening and job simulation tasks to build tolerance for a return to work.

    Depending on an employee's capabilities, this program may be combined with activity modification training to allow for a greater range of workplace tolerance. This is a highly individualized process that targets each employee's unique work circumstances. Many of these skills can carry over to function outside the work environment and allow for a very positive rehabilitation experience.

  • Functional Job Analysis By On-Site Evaluation

    Therapeutic analysts observe an employee performing tasks at the work-site, checking body mechanics, posture, and other physical conditions.

    Therapists recommend corrective or preventive measures to minimize any further risk of injury.

  • Functional Job Description And Pre-Work Screening

    Therapists assist employers in creating job descriptions in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Detailed descriptors include job objectives, functions, equipment, site access measurements and work dynamics.

    Pre-work screenings determine a candidate’s ability to perform a job safely, leading to hiring decisions that are legal, fair and non-discriminatory.

  • Prevention Services

    Sentara therapists conduct work-site group sessions to educate employees in techniques designed to prevent work related injuries.

    Education targets correct use of individually tailored body mechanics, movement pattern training, posture training, and other techniques such as ways to create recovery time while still maintaining a productive work place.

    Educational printed and audiovisual materials are designed to encourage employees to become partners in safe work place practices.

  • Reality-Based Work Conditioning

    As part of an employee’s rehabilitation program, therapists work with occupational health specialists, employers, supervisors and case managers to assess the specific requirements of actual work activities. The rehabilitation process is then tailored to not only maximize physicals capabilities such as range of motion and strength, but also maximize the functional carry over of these physical gains in a manner that can be realistically integrated into each individual work environment.