Kidney Transplant Services
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Kidney Transplant Services

When you choose to undergo a kidney transplant, you embark on a new phase of your life. Your weekly dialysis appointments become a thing of the past. You may also find you have more energy than you did before surgery.

At Sentara, we guide you every step of the way through your kidney transplant. Our 40+ years of transplant experience and meticulous pre- and post-surgery care means you are in good hands at the Sentara Kidney Transplant Center.

Kidney Transplant: Why Choose Sentara?

Since we began doing kidney transplants at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in 1972, we have completed more than 2,000 successful kidney transplants. Our expert surgeons regularly perform 60-70 kidney transplants every year—making us one of the most active kidney transplant centers in Virginia.

At Sentara, you will find:

  • Results: The national Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients has ranked the Sentara Transplant Center as one of the top hospitals in the state of Virginia for adult kidney transplant survival rates. This means many patients live longer, fuller lives after transplantation at Sentara. Learn more about adult kidney transplant.
  • Experience: Sentara’s board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons and related medical team members give you the best possible care—before, during and after your transplant surgery. Our team’s extensive training means they are highly qualified to treat patients with even complicated kidney disease. Meet our kidney transplant team.
  • Multi-organ transplants: We are the only center in the southeastern Virginia with the expertise to perform multi-organ transplant procedures, including kidney-pancreas transplants to patients who need them.

Why Consider a Kidney Transplant?

If you have end-stage renal disease, or “kidney failure,” your kidneys no longer properly filter waste products from your blood—their primary job. This is a serious health condition that may require you to undergo kidney dialysis several times per week.

At Sentara, we understand how scary it can be to wonder if kidney disease will limit you from doing the things you love. That is why our team is dedicated to educating patients about how kidney transplants can improve their quality of life.

Benefits of transplant may include:

  • Restoring health with a living donation: A living donor kidney is typically the best possible option. This kidney takes over the work of filtering your blood so you no longer need dialysis. Find out more about living donor kidney transplant.
  • Living better, longer: Studies shows that kidney transplant patients are living longer, as research into the transplant process continues. The 10-year survival rate for kidney transplant patients is approximately 4 times longer than patients who are on dialysis. Learn more about kidney transplant: what to expect.
  • Fewer dietary restrictions: Although patients still need to maintain a healthy diet, transplant patients may have fewer food and fluid limits than patients on dialysis.

Kidney Transplant: Our Approach to Care

All kidney transplants are performed at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in downtown Norfolk. However, we understand that you may want to limit your travel—and particularly to avoid the tunnels and bridges associated with driving into Norfolk.

That is why we developed our community-based transplant care program. Our approach allows you to complete many of your pre-surgery tests and post-surgery follow-ups at Sentara facilities near your home. Less travel means lower stress for you and your family—and more time to focus on staying healthy and active.

  • Convenient testing: Once your primary or referring nephrologist agrees that you are a good candidate for a kidney transplant, you will begin the screening and preparation process. Whenever possible, we schedule those tests at the Sentara facility closest to you.
  • Personal transplant coordinator: A single expert guides you through your entire transplant-evaluation process. Your coordinator may already be conveniently located at your dialysis center. Coordinators are part of Sentara’s direct clinical transplant team and will help you navigate through the transplant process.
  • Caring transplant team: By the time you go in for transplant surgery, you will be very familiar with your health care team. Sentara’s Transplant Program is community-focused—rather than a university/research program. That means you will see the same medical professionals throughout your transplant procedure and they will get to know you well.

Our Location

Sentara’s Transplant Center is located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. We are the only transplant center serving Virginia’s Hampton Roads area and eastern North Carolina. We regularly work with patients in southeastern Virginia, the Eastern Shore and northeastern North Carolina.

Contact Us

For more information or to make an appointment with our kidney transplant specialists, call us at 757-388-3906757-388-3906.