Care Coordinators

Being hospitalized can be a difficult, confusing time. Sorting out physical and emotional problems due to an illness and making sense of information and choices can be overwhelming. Our care coordinators are available to help patients and families.

The care coordination staff includes nurses, social workers, and administrative support personnel. Our team is here to assist your physicians and staff nurses in meeting your treatment needs throughout your hospital stay and to ensure that you will have appropriate resources available to you once you are transitioned from the hospital.

The care coordinator works with your physicians, health care team and insurance companies to coordinate your plan of care and assure that all prescribed treatment resources are provided to you, both in the hospital and upon your transition.

 A Social Worker is available as a resource for patients and their families that may be dealing with the emotional stress that can occur with illness and chronic medical problems. Together with the Care Coordinator, the Social Worker is also available to coordinate your post transition needs.

To meet your spiritual needs, a hospital chaplain is available upon request. The chaplain can also assist in making contact with your own faith community. Please let your nurse know if you wish to have a visit with the hospital chaplain.