Sentara To Home

Sentara To Home

Sentara To Home is designed with you – the patient leaving the hospital and going home – in mind. Our goal is to extend our care to you even after you leave the hospital. We want to make your transition to home as simple and convenient for you and your family.

At Sentara To Home, you can purchase your medications, home medical equipment and other healthcare needs all before you leave the hospital.

Service Designed For You, About You

It is quite simple - here are three easy steps:

  1. Once you are admitted to the hospital or after your surgery or procedure, the transition specialist will speak with you about what you will need to have a successful recovery once you leave the hospital.
  2. Prior to the day of your discharge from the hospital, the transition specialist will visit you in your hospital room to discuss your medication needs and self-care requirements. The transition specialist will arrange for these purchases and coordinate any payment transactions right at your bedside.
  3. Your discharge medications will be delivered to your hospital room before you leave. Any home medical equipment that you are able to take home with you will also be delivered to your room.