Sentara RMH Preceptor Program

The mission of the Sentara RMH Preceptor Program is to provide an environment of learning, growth, and development for new employees and staff functioning as preceptors that will foster competence and job satisfaction.

The preceptor role is also beneficial when teaching new skills to experienced staff. A preceptor is defined as an experienced employee who serves as a role model and resource person to new staff. Preceptors are required to attend a day-long workshop focusing on the preceptor role, adult learning principles, coaching, and evaluating performance.

Preceptor Program Goals

  • Facilitating the transition for new employees into the work culture and to department specific responsibilities.
  • Providing the new employee with a role model and resource person.
  • Promoting consistent teaching and evaluation.
  • Assisting in the recruitment and retention of competent staff.

Sentara RMH currently has over 400 preceptors in over 40 clinical and non-clinical departments.