Benefits and Employment Conditions

Estimated stipend: $45,760

Benefits offered for full-time employment:

  • Insurance (medical, dental, vision, life)
  • Paid Annual Leave
  • 403(b) Matched Savings Program
  • Travel allowance for meetings
  • 24-hours access to the medical library

Duration of Program: June 26, 2017 to June 22, 2018


  • Residents will staff every other weekend for the first 3 months, then every third weekend.
  • Residents will complete 24 hours of additional weekend shifts outside of scheduled staffing.

Vacation and Holiday Leave:

  • Residents accrue Paid Annual Leave (PAL). 10 PAL days may be taken during the residency year. These days must be approved by the rotation preceptor and residency program director.
  • Residents may take no more than 5 days off in one learning rotation without prior approval from the rotation preceptor and residency program director.
  • Residents are required to staff either Thanksgiving and the day after or Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They will also be required to staff two days during the week after Christmas. PAL cannot be requested during these holidays.

Sick Leave:

  • This is deducted from PAL time. Residents are expected to notify their rotation preceptors and residency program directors as soon as possible when an absence is required.

Professional Leave:

  • Residents are granted leave for ASHP Midyear and a designated Regional Residency Conference. Professional leave does not count as PAL.

Office Space and Resources:

  • Each resident will have a designated work space, CISCO phone, and mailbox
  • Offsite access to the hospital intranet, EPIC and pharmacy resources.
  • Adequate printing and photocopying capabilities. For large quantities of copies, requests can be sent to the Printing Department.


  • Residents are eligible to receive discounts on meals and additional products throughout the hospital.


  • Residents park for free in designated lots.