41-year-old man who lost his father to colon cancer agrees to on-air colonoscopy to raise awareness about the disease.

Chesapeake man to have 'on air' colonoscopy

Image Bill Holloway Image Bill Holloway Image Bill Holloway

Bill Holloway’s father died from colon cancer at age 43. At 41, the father of two sons is taking no chances on his own health. Due to his family history, Holloway had his first screening colonoscopy in 2008.

His second one, on Monday, March 31, 2014, will be aired during the 5 p.m.newscast on  WVEC-TV’s ’13-NewsNow’ broadcast. The procedure will be performed at Sentara Leigh Hospital by John Smith, M.D., a gastroenterologist.

The broadcast will include a live chat online with colorectal surgeon William Rudolph, M.D., on www.wvec.com.

“I would tell anyone who was nervous about getting a colonoscopy that the alternative is much worse,” said Holloway, who wants to raise awareness about colon cancer in the Hampton Roads community, which has one of the highest colon cancer death rates in Virginia.

Holloway has a lot to live for. He’s an avid skydiver, who also enjoys surfing, fishing and camping with his family. He donated a kidney to a coworker in 2008 and wants to set an example for his children to be giving persons and to stay on top of their health.

“I hope this broadcast will convince viewers that a colonoscopy is a simple, positive, life-saving procedure,” said Holloway.