Transforming Care

The world of healthcare is changing. Not only are there fewer medical students pursuing primary care as their specialty area, but the expectations of consumers about the availability and ability of their doctors to communicate and collaborate with them – and other physicians – continues to grow. 

That’s why Sentara as a company is looking at how healthcare can and should be better delivered in the future. And Sentara RMH Medical Group in particular is actively working to define the future of how our practices and healthcare can be transformed to enhance the patient experience. 

By transforming the way we provide care, we’ve been able to implement a patient centered model of care delivery in our practices, as defined by the NCQA.

What Does This Mean To Our Patients?

  • A more personalized, interactive and coordinated care experience 
  • Improved access to your physician and care team through same-day appointments, and online tools like the patient portal My RMH Medical Record.
  • Additional support and personal resources for patients managing chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, COPD and congestive heart failure.
  • An expansion of the traditional doctor / patient relationship from an in-office interaction to an opportunity to collaborate and support before, during and after an office visit
  • Access to board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners 24/7/365

The result of better aligning skills, interests, technology and resources: superior clinical outcomes, optimized patient safety and a positive customer experience. 

With a focus on quality, advanced technology and collaboration, Sentara RMH Medical Group is setting the standard for healthcare every day.