Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge

Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge is a voluntary program that helps first-time parents learn about how children develop, how to keep children healthy, and how to prepare children to do well in school.

The first and most important teachers in every child's life are his or her parents. We work with other programs in the community to make sure that parents have what they need to support their child's health, growth and development from birth to five years of age.

Location: Sentara RMH Atrium, 2000 Beery Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Phone: 540-564-5661540-564-5661
Fax: 540-564-7054540-564-7054

How does Healthy Families support parents?

We provide:

  • Home visits
  • Parent socials
  • A toy-lending library for participants
  • Child development information
  • Information on other sources of support for parents

What is Home Visitation?

Families who are offered home visitation are matched with a family support worker who will come to the family's home to talk about:

  • Caring for mother and baby
  • Learning what to expect as the baby grows
  • Communicating with the baby
  • Finding a medical provider and healthcare resources for child and family
  • Creating an exciting and safe home where the baby can grow and learn

Who can be a part of Healthy Families?

First-time parents living in Augusta, Bath, Highland and Rockingham counties and the cities of Harrisonburg, Staunton and Waynesboro are eligible to apply.

First-time parents may apply before their baby is born, or up to three months after their baby's birth.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. All our services are free and completely voluntary.

How do I become a part of Healthy Families?

The doctor or nurse midwife you are seeing for prenatal care will likely tell you about the program. If not, ask him or her to complete the forms for Healthy Families.

After receiving the forms from your physician/midwife, a Healthy Families staff member will call you to schedule your first home visit.

If the program fits your needs, your family support worker will begin meeting with you in your home or other convenient location.

Healthy Families receives funding and support from:

  • Sentara RMH Medical Center
  • Augusta Medical Center
  • Blue Ridge Area Health Education Consortium
  • Central Shenandoah Health District
  • Maternal & Child Health Bureau Community Integrated Service System Program
  • Prevent Child Abuse Virginia
  • Virginia General Assembly
  • United Way

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