After years of struggle, overweight patients find a way to shed the pounds with LAP-BAND.

One more try for weightloss patients

Nearly everyone knows the basics of losing weight: eat less and exercise more. But actually doing both is difficult – especially for people with more than a few pounds to lose. The extra weight affects their ability to move and their mood, making them feel like there’s nothing they can do. Sentara RMH Medical Center specializes in helping individuals facing those challenges, offering them a comprehensive program – from bariatric surgery to education – to lead them back to good health. Some of their patients share their success stories: 

Saying goodbye to medication 

“I thought I had grown comfortable with my size, but as the years went by, my body became a burden. At 345 pounds, I developed Type II diabetes. I had to take medication four times a day, and I developed diabetic neuropathy in my fingers and feet. My doctors told me that any quality of life I felt would last only for the next eight to 10 years. My only option was permanent weight loss. Because the LAP-BAND is a less invasive surgery I had a short recovery time and experienced little discomfort, and, best of all, a dramatic weight loss. Plus, I don’t have to take any medication for diabetes anymore.” --Alan

Reducing health risks 

“Two years ago, I was 102 pounds heavier and on medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux.

I hadn’t always struggled with my weight. Hormone replacement therapy caused me to gain 70 pounds in three months. I tried and tried getting the weight off. I finally checked into Lap-Band.

I lost 100 pounds in a year – and I’ve been able to keep the weight off through year 2. I went from a tight size 20 to a wonderful size 4. But the best result is that I’m off all of my medications. I have way more energy. I can just go and do anything! I can run with my grandson. I’m a happier person. I enjoy life a lot more.” --Rhonda

Smaller dress sizes

“At 304 pounds, I thought I was out of weight loss options. From my nursing experience, I knew the risks associated with gastric bypass, and wasn't willing to take them. Then I learned about the LAP-BAND surgery and I knew right away it was the best choice for me. I've gone from a size 30 dress down to a size 14. I feel so great about my decision, my positive lifestyle changes, and even better about my results.” --Amanda

Overcoming diabetes and high blood pressure

"I’ve been overweight since I was 9. Last year, I was watching TV show after TV show about morbidly obese people. I realized I had to make serious changes.

I researched the Lap-Band procedure at Sentara RMH Medical Center and liked everything I read. I had surgery on July 6, 2010 and have lost 130 pounds in one year. I’m no longer diabetic, and I no longer have high blood pressure. Dr. Garwood and Bonnie [Paine, PA-C] at Sentara are amazing. They’re always there for me when I have a question.”

I also love shopping for clothes. Before my surgery, it got to where I could no longer shop at my favorite store. Now, I’m finding things that fit in the junior’s section!

I feel great --Ashley."

Wearing a bikini   

“Two years and 115 pounds ago, I’d reached my breaking point. Because I work in the medical field, I was thorough in researching options. The LAP-BAND System is a non-invasive, low-risk weight loss procedure with minimal recovery time. My surgery was on a Friday; I went home the next day and was back to work Monday. I’ve maintained my goal weight for over two years. I can keep up with my children. I feel more energetic, younger and much happier. I exercise, go boating, skiing, snorkeling, and do many things I could never have dreamt of doing. And, I can even wear a bikini!”--Jodi

Overcoming physical and emotional pain 

“I’ve struggled my whole life. My father is a doctor, and he supported me through all of the diet plans. The minute I went off the diet, the weight would come back, and then some. Physically, I suffered from knee and back pain, chronic GERD and asthma. Emotionally, I felt isolated.

My dad introduced me to LAP-BAND. I was ready to commit to a new lifestyle. I was scared at first that I would fail again – but I had my dad’s support and my nutritionist and surgeon’s guidance. Pretty soon the weight started falling off and before I knew it, I had lost 110 pounds.” --Rebecca

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