Patient Guide

We participate in the Virginia Pharmaceutical Monitoring Program.

Your Visit

Please read these important tips before arriving for your appointment.

  • We see patients on an appointment basis. On occasion, emergencies may cause a delay in our schedule. As possible, we will keep you informed of such delays.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call us at 540-477-3185 as soon as possible. Failure to show up for a scheduled appointment may result in a bill for the missed appointment. Three appointment absences within a twelve month period may result in dismissal from the practice.
  • Bring all current medications with you to every appointment. This includes vitamins and nutritional supplements, over-the-counter medications and inhalers.
  • Bring all current insurance cards with you to every appointment. You will need to present your insurance card when you arrive at the clinic. Please notify us of any changes in your address or telephone number. As a safety precaution, we verify your personal information in our system each visit. 
  • If you are self-pay or uninsured, payment in full is expected at the time of your visit unless prior arrangements have been made. Feel free to request information on payment plans as well as an application for financial assistance. 
  • We bill all types of insurances; however, you are responsible for your insurance co-payment. Your co-payment is required when you arrive for your office visit. You are also responsible for non-covered fees and deductibles. We accept major credit cards, checks and cash.
  • If your insurance does not list one of our providers as your primary care provider (PCP), you will need to contact your insurance company to ensure we are a participating provider.

Medication Refills

To request a prescription refill, call 540-477-3185 during normal business hours. Please have the following information ready: full name, date of birth, phone number, medication name and dose, pharmacy name and location. Please allow 48 hours for your requests to be completed.

Communication and Your Healthcare Team

In order to provide you with the best medical care, we must communicate! This is important between you and your doctor, and also between the provider and other members of your healthcare team.

  • It’s important to let us know of health services you may be receiving from other specialty physicians, such as a neurologist or orthopedist. We will routinely ask you if you’ve had any changes in your health care or diagnoses, if you’ve been hospitalized or had medical tests since your last visit.
  • We know that your health questions and concerns don’t always follow office hours. That’s why we have an after-hours professional answering service. When you have medical questions or need medical advice after-hours, call 540-477-3185. Based on the nature of your need, you will be placed in communication with the on-call provider.
  • We communicate often with your pharmacy regarding your medications.
  • During regular office hours, our staff can schedule appointments, answer medical questions, refill prescriptions and meet any other medical care needs that you may have.