Essential Functions

The following are essential functions required for admission to the program:

  1. Manual Dexterity: Ability to use hand(s) or prosthetic devices with coordination.
  2. Fine Motor: Ability to manipulate small objects with fingertips or adaptive devices.
  3. Mobility: Ability to maneuver in the laboratory, around instruments and in patient care settings.
  4. Vision: Ability to distinguish red, yellow and blue colors, distinguish clear from
    cloudy, and distinguish objects through a microscope.
  5. Speech: Ability to verbally communicate understandably in English.
  6. Hearing: Ability to adapt with assistive devices (i.e., phone receivers, hearing aid, etc.)
  7. Writing: Ability to communicate effectively in writing in English.
  8. Reading: Ability to read, understand and follow directions printed in English.
  9. Psychological stability: Ability to demonstrate the emotional health required for
    full utilization of the applicant’s intellectual abilities. Must be able to recognize emergency situations and take the appropriate actions.

Students entering the Sentara RMH School of Histotechnology must be able to sign the following statement:

I ____________________________(name) attest that I have read and understand the essential functions of the Sentara RMH School of Histotechnology, and I believe that I can, and am prepared to, meet these requirements.