Guided Imagery test

Guided imagery teaches you how to shift emotional distress that depletes energy to positive images that enhance healing.


  • Prepare For Surgery, Heal Well

    This is a one-one-on-one session that teaches persons to prepare for surgery mentally, spiritually and physically. Participants will learn to use mind-body techniques to relieve anxiety, reduce the need for pain medications, and heal faster following surgery. The cost is $35 to cover a book and CD.

    Includes 5 steps:

    1. Calm pre-surgery jitters
    2. Visualize recovery by turning worries into positive images
    3. Surround yourself in the love of family and friends
    4. Use “healing statements” – spoken during surgery
    5. Establish supportive doctor- patient relationships
  • Prepare For Treatment, Heal Well

    Similar to Prepare for Surgery, Heal Well, this program is aimed at preparing the patient to cope with the treatment of a cancer diagnosis. A one hour session is available to assist a patient in preparing for treatment. Learn to turn anxiety into positive images. Cost is $35 to cover the cost of a book and CD.

  • Biofeedback

    Biofeedback is an alternative medicine practice that helps people recognize and control stress on certain parts of the body. Individuals learn techniques that can improve sleep, cognitive attention, reduce anxiety, decrease nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy and help with pain management.

  • Case Management

    Oncology care managers assist patients and families through the often complex cancer treatment process. This service is designed to help patients with issues related to transportation, medication, home care and more. Care managers work with patients and their families to identify care issues and make referrals to appropriate resources.