Image Recovery Center

One of the most difficult things cancer patients face is the effect of treatment on their appearance. Cancer treatments, dialysis, accidents, burns and diseases such as lupus can cause a great deal of trauma to the body, dramatically altering body image.

The Image Recovery Center is an appearance enhancement service designed to help patients dealing with the scarring, skin changes, hair loss and other consequences of disease, injury or treatment. The center's mission is to help patients heal by restoring appearance and body image. By relieving anxiety and concerns related to appearance, our staff works to enable patients to be more active, informed participants in their recoveries.

The Image Recovery Center carries products that have been selected based on their ability to address the needs of cancer patients during and after treatment. Products are natural, hydrating, therapeutic and formulated to repair altered physical appearance as a result of treatment.

Services and products include:

  • Appearance consultation (complimentary)
  • Pre- and post-surgical mastectomy products such as breast forms, bras and swimwear
  • Hair replacement alternatives for complete and partial hair loss
  • Human hair, blended or synthetic wigs, styled to resemble appearance before hair loss
  • Fashionable hats, scarves, turbans and wig accessories
  • Skin care assessments and recommended solutions for daily skin maintenance
  • Camouflage makeup for scars, skin discoloration and dark circles
  •  Therapeutic facials, manicures and pedicures
  • Fingernail and hand care natural products
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Cosmetic solutions for lash and brow loss
  • Lymphedema products
  • Deodorants, creams and related products for use during radiation therapy
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Take-home educational materials
  • Group presentations
  • Gift certificates and gift baskets

The Image Recovery Center is located within the Sentara RMH Funkhouser Women’s Center