Advanced Specialty Treatment

We are dedicated to bringing the latest medical technologies to cancer care. Regardless of where you may be on your cancer journey, we offer a variety of different treatment options.

  • Breast Cancer Genetic Testing

    A significant advance in the science of breast care was the discovery in 1994 of gene mutations that cause breast and ovarian cancer. Since then, according to the National Cancer Institute, scientists have determined that about five to 10 percent of breast and ovarian cancer cases are hereditary, due to a mutated gene known as BRACA1 or BRACA2. Gene carriers do not inherit cancer, but rather a heightened risk of cancer. Genetic testing is one of the many breast health care services available at Sentara RMH and is provided by Shannon Tierney, MD, breast surgeon.

  • Genetic Counseling

    Sentara RMH employs a board-certified genetic counselor that helps patients better understand their family history, medical history, and personal risks. The counselor guides them through the complex labyrinth of genetic testing – insurance coverage, interpretation of results, and potential impact on themselves and other family members. Appointments may be set up with a physician referral.

  • Onsite Pharmacy Services

    Our onsite pharmacy provides medications for patients treated at the Hahn Cancer Center or for those admitted to our oncology unit. It is overseen by a clinical oncology pharmacy specialist and staffed with technicians who specialize in preparing chemotherapy and biotherapy agents. The oncology pharmacy specialist provides instruction to patients and family members concerning medication, side effects and drug interactions. He consults with physicians to try to predict, prevent, identify, or resolve any complications that may arise from medication. Having a pharmacist onsite that specializes in cancer medications bridges the gap between prescribed care and patient safety and compliance with medication.

  • On-Site Laboratory Services

    The Hahn Cancer Center has an onsite clinical laboratory for easy, convenient and fast turnaround of lab tests. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is certified by Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and staffed by certified medical technologists with more than  20 years of experience. This service enhances quality of care and minimizes the time patients need to spend at the center.