Learning that you have head and neck cancer can change your life and the lives of those close to you. The location of head and neck cancer can affect breathing, eating, drinking, speaking and appearance. These changes can be difficult to handle. It is normal for you, your family and your friends to need help coping with the feelings that head and neck cancer diagnosis can bring.

Concerns about treatments, managing side effects, hospital stays and medical bills are common. You may also worry about caring for your family, keeping your job or continuing daily activities.

Smoking Cessation Program

We offer:

  • Basic information about tobacco use and quitting successfully
  • Assistance to help change habits related to tobacco use
  • Information about the physical withdrawal from nicotine and tobacco
  • Help to develop new coping skills without tobacco use

For more information on programs being offered or for one-on-one help, please call 540-433-4421.