Cardiac Interventional Procedures

Our cardiologists may recommend a cardiac interventional procedure in order to open up a narrowed artery. The goal of the procedure is to allow adequate blood flow through the body.

We use a number of different procedures to open up narrowed arteries. Your interventional cardiologist will use various types of catheters or tiny balloons depending on the exact procedure.

Our cardiac team will discuss your options with you and choose the approach that leads to the best outcome for you.
Interventional procedures we offer include:

  • Intracoronary stent. We insert a tiny metal coil (similar to the spring in a ballpoint pen) into your coronary artery. The stent reinforces the artery wall, preventing it from closing.
  • Drug-eluting stent (DES). This is a stent coated with medication. The medication decreases cell growth in order to prevent scar tissue forming around the stent.
  • Angioplasty, a procedure to open clogged arteries